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Learn About Monument & Memorial Prices

Find Out How Much A Monument, Marker or Memorial Costs

The amount your family spends on a marker or monument is based on your budget. Factors that affect the price include the intricacy of the design, the material type and size.

We can provide you with a price estimate based on your design ideas, budget and cemetery specifications.

Pricing Info

About Peter Troost Monument Company

For five generations, families have trusted Peter Troost Monument Company of Chicago, Illinois to create timeless tributes, custom granite and bronze memorials that are as unique as the people they honor. We take the time to know each customer and listen to your loved one's life story. Then, we craft a headstone that meets your special needs and transcends the ordinary. That's why our cemetery gravestones have exceeded expectations for over 100 years.

Our firm is considered one the leading grave marker designers in the memorialization industry because of our commitment to professional standards and the culture of ethical conduct within our business. We understand the deep feelings involved in the process of commemorating the life of a loved one. We perform our memorialization work with incredible care and attention to detail. Our award winning monument designers, artists, stone carvers and granite sculptors understand the importance of crafting the perfect monument for people that earned the timeless respect and honor of their families and communities.

Cemeteries in Chicago and other Illinois communities have guidelines, rules and regulations for the use of upright granite monuments, raised family monuments, flat and lawn level markers, bronze markers, mausoleums, headstones and tombstones. Call 708-544-0916 for assistance or click here for information on  Chicago, IL cemetery monument and lawn level marker guidelines. Our services include the cleaning, repair, maintenance and restoration of cemetery gravestones, monuments, memorials, headstones and grave markers.

We custom design, build, carve, etch and construct, monuments, gravestones and headstones for Chicago area cemeteries and memorial parks. We handcraft grave markers, bevel top markers, individual markers, single flat markers, companion markers, slant face markers, infant and child headstones, single grave monuments, 2 grave monuments, family monuments, family mausoleums, private mausoleums, granite memorial benches, upright monuments, bronze markers, bronze plaques, granite gravestones, veterans monuments and pet memorials. Learn More >

Headstone Purchase Process

Watch our YouTube video to learn about the process of purchasing a headstone, monument, marker or cemetery memorial.
Watch Our YouTube Video >

Video: Before You Buy

Listen to Lisa Troost explain the things you should know before you buy a headstone, monument, marker or cemetery memorial.
Watch Lisa Troost's Video >


There is something special to say about everyone but summarizing a life in just a few words can be very difficult.
Read Example Epitaphs >

Pet Memorials

Preserve your memories of joy with a landscape rock, dog or cat urn, etched portrait marker, bronze plaque or garden memorial.
View Pet Memorials >

Customer Testimonials

Read what our customers are saying about our workmanship, monument design, artistry, product knowledge and service.
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江山为聘H大殿释放.交换娇妻性中文字幕.男的说女的紧是好的还是坏的Do You Have a Question?

Talk with one of our award winning certified memorialists to get answers to your questions about monuments, memorials or markers.
Ask An Expert Designer >

Pricing and Ordering Info

Get information about prices for monuments and memorials. Learn how to order by downloading or printing our informative PDF.
江山为聘H大殿释放.交换娇妻性中文字幕.男的说女的紧是好的还是坏的Download or Print PDF >


On-Site Date Engraving

We can engrave a date and name on-site in a cemetery by matching the style used on an existing monument or marker.
On-Site Engraving Services >

Chicago Cemetery Info

We have been designing memorials for Chicago cemeteries since 1889. Learn about memorial guidelines specified by Chicago cemeteries.
Cemetery Guidelines >

$50.00 Savings Coupon

Save $50 on your monument or memorial purchase. Print our discount coupon, cut it out and bring it to one of our showrooms.
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